divendres, 15 de maig de 2015


When I was reading what I have to do to finish my blog of English, I found it very strange. I have to compare my first post of 1st of Batxillerat and the last one.

First of all I read all two posts and there are too many differences. I laughed a lot reading my first post. I think that my writing at that time was very cold and introverted. I wrote that composition for writing, not for pleasure and this it can be saw about the information that I gave.

Comparing to the last, I need to tell that I learnt a lot and also now I think that I have pleasure when I write.

I could not compare the oral presentations because I had all of them in my mobile phone and it now it doesn’t work…

This blog and also the other writings that I made in Catalan and Spanish made me think about publishing my reflections and the opinions of my friends. We are thinking about making a web page to analyse the fixtures of Spanish First Division.

dilluns, 11 de maig de 2015



The team Girona FC is been making an amazing, incredible and extraordinary season this year. The team has never been on the first division and now are on the second position.

Girona is one of the teams that have the lower budget and the work of its coach, Pablo Machín is excellent. The team is playing in a good level and the dream of the entire city is near to be part of the real life.

In this part of the season, the supporters of the club are encouraging all the players and they have an important part of the achievement.


In my opinion Girona are doing an excellent job. All this years in second division I went to see Girona a lot of matches and I expect that next year I will see them playing in first division. 


diumenge, 10 de maig de 2015



In La Liga (Spain), Madrid achieved a draw against Valencia yesterday that get away from the first place in the table. Barcelona achieved a win against Real Societat and there are 5 points between the Catalans and Madrid. There are two fixtures yet, but Barça will win one of those matches.

There is an amazing fight for the fourth place and the seventh. There are a lot of teams fighting for the Champions next season and the Europe League.


In my opinion, Barça will win the League title, Madrid will be the second, Atletico the third and Valencia the fourth. Sevilla, Vilareal and Athletic Club will be in Europa League next year. Cordoba, Eibar and Depor will be relegate.




Chelsea has won the Premier League title. All the season they demonstrated a big defensive strength. There’s no time since August that it were a better team than Chelsea.

Another reason for the title is that other teams didn’t play at the level that they expected. United and City were irregular.  Arsenal and Liverpool started very bad but they are playing in a top level in the final part of the season.

Chelsea made things good too. Mourinho indentified what the team needs to be better and in summer he signed Costa, Remy and Drogba, strikers. Fabregas and Matic, midfielders. Courtois that he plays as a goalkeeper.


In my opinion Chelsea is the exact winner of Premier League because all the other teams didn’t be at the same level than Chelsea. I excpect thet next year it will be more rivalry.


Champions League


The first round of the Champions League semi-finals has been passed. Last Tuesday, Juventus played against Madrid in his stadium. The result was 2-1 in favour of the Italians. The defensive tactic of Ancelotti was overtaken by all the offensive players of Juventus.

On Wednesday, Barcelona played against Bayern of Munchen in Camp Nou. The match was equalized; Barça put the chances and Bayern the control of the ball. Barça won the match on the last minutes, Messi scored two amainzing goals and Neymar made the third.


In my opinion, Barça is near to the final, but they need to do another extraordinary match in Germany. Madrid I think will pass too. In Bernabeu they will dominate the match.


dissabte, 9 de maig de 2015



Memphis Depay is one of the youngest talents in Europe. He played for PSV since he has twelve and now he’s age 21. He made his debut when he was seventeen. He plays as a winger and he had scored 38 goals in 88 appearances.  

He had played the last World Cup with Netherlands and he scored a decisive goal against Australia.

Now he had signed a contract for Manchester United for next season.


In my opinion, Memphis is one of the best younger players in the world and I think that United had done the best with this signing. I wish I could watch his talent on the Premier League next year.



In my opinion there is a good balance of sports programmes and none sports programmes on television. To answer this question I have two reasons:

First of all, there are TV channels only dedicated to sports and also others to films, documentaries or information. Here, in Catalunya, we have Esport 3 and they only put sports programmes. But if you want to watch other kind of programmes, you have a lot of channels for having fun and entertainment.

Then, I understand people that think that are too many sport programmes on television because when Barça wins a match, they talk about this too much on the none specialized channels.

To sum up, I want to say that in my opinion there aren’t too many sports on television. My point of view isn’t objective because I love sports programmes...