divendres, 15 de maig de 2015


When I was reading what I have to do to finish my blog of English, I found it very strange. I have to compare my first post of 1st of Batxillerat and the last one.

First of all I read all two posts and there are too many differences. I laughed a lot reading my first post. I think that my writing at that time was very cold and introverted. I wrote that composition for writing, not for pleasure and this it can be saw about the information that I gave.

Comparing to the last, I need to tell that I learnt a lot and also now I think that I have pleasure when I write.

I could not compare the oral presentations because I had all of them in my mobile phone and it now it doesn’t work…

This blog and also the other writings that I made in Catalan and Spanish made me think about publishing my reflections and the opinions of my friends. We are thinking about making a web page to analyse the fixtures of Spanish First Division.

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